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We Believe That Your Spaces Have A Soul

and when you honor tHEM, you get something beautiful in return

Since 1988 we have been working with contractors in the design and construction industry to create beautiful custom jobs that transform spaces from blank boxes into unique pieces of art.  

In the early days the shop was small and strictly millwork but over time we’ve expanded, added and renovated to our shop in order to provide custom woodwork, metal, acrylic, glass, stone and much more. We love a good challenge and are happy to discuss any project you can dream of.

The Magic At Taylor Avenue

Collingwood Architectural Millwork runs a robust shop where most of the work is performed in house. Our shop is capable of doing:

Custom woodwork, moldings and finishing. Solid surface finishes in metalwork, acrylic, glass or stone. CAD to Code Panoramic Processing, CNC Machining and much more.